Vender Benders

Some of the students are complaining about how the vending machines are always malfunctioning, such as how the food gets stuck between the windows and the vending stands. Some of the students, bang on the machine until their snack or beverage falls down. If not they have to go up to the offic100_0064[1]e to ask the secretary for their money back, and she says, “You have to call the company’s number to get your money back, sorry.” And then get mad. Is it worth the time and patience? You call the company and wait for about a week for them to send you $1.50 in the mail.

Some of the students think the school needs to get their own vending machines so that the janitor can open the venders and either give them their food or their money back. That way there’s no trouble for anyone.

Other students wonder why the janitors lock the vending machine doors as soon as students show up or even earlier. “I hate that we have the vending machines but we have no access to them. I think its stupid.” -Alycia Stewart-  What’s the point of locking up the vending machines before school? If the school gets a percent of what’s sold in the vending machines, why would they lock up the doors? Do they not want to make money?

Some of the venders won’t vend certain items even if they are in stock. You put in the right amount for the product that you want, punch in the right code, and one of the lights on the machine will flash and say, “PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER SELECTION” and it won’t vend. It will sell some things but not others, such as Snickers but not Pop Tarts, Rice Crispy Treats, and sometimes not even Goldfish.


Spirit week starts September 28 and ends October 3. There is a Homecoming parade that starts at 4 P.M. and the students design their own floats, one float per class.

The homecoming game is October 2, Friday night, starting at 7 P.M. versus the Fredrick Warriors. Mr. Jensen is making decorations for the game. They are football posters with the player’s names and numbers on them. They will be put against the fence so all the players can see them and be encouraged.

 The homecoming dance will be Saturday October 3, from 8 P.M. to 11 P.M. The price is $6 for one person and $10 for couples. The theme is a masquerade; masks will be for sale in the commons at lunch during spirit week, made by the Art Club. All masks must be on sticks or you can make masks but they can not stick to your face because it will hide your identity.


With only half an hour of lunch how can anyone scarf down the food we get and hope it stays down. Everyone that eats school lunch has to stand in the long lunch lines. That takes about fifteen minutes to get to the checkout stand, get the condiments we need, then shuffle around to find a seat without dumping our trays on other students or teachers.

 If you live close you can run home and eat or spend time with your friends or family. You can sprint to your house if you live within a three block radius of the school, eat the great food you have at your house, sprint back on a full stomach, and try to keep your stomach from exploding.

 If you have a car and a legal driver’s license, you can eat at a restaurant. You have enough time to drive five minutes to a fast food restaurant, eat for ten to fifteen minutes then return to the school.

Most of the unfortunate students, who do not have any type of vehicle, must walk to their designated area, on average takes about ten minutes, stand in crowded restaurants for another ten minutes, and finally return to the school which is another ten minutes. Where’s the time to eat?


With seven drinking fountains in the school hallways, only two of them have decent drinking water. The two good fountains contain cold fresh drinkable water. One of them is located upstairs by the administration office and the other is near room 142.

 All the other fountains are porcelain, unsanitary, have warm water, and pump water low and slowly. Jack, the janitor, says “I never see them being used. There’s no cold water, and they are only used as chairs. Then they fall off the walls, so they should be replaced.”

In some fountains the water has large amounts of chlorine. When you fill up your water bottle the water turns white. Colton Baltazar, sophomore, says “They are not very clean. They are old and seem to leak. I never use them because I bring my own water bottle, and I don’t see them being used.”

Josh Jinkens, a Junior, says “They appear unsanitary and sometimes don’t even work. I never use them for fear of my sanity. I use the newer fountains, and I don’t see [the old fountains] being used. I think they should be replaced, because I think students would use them if they were more appealing.”

When the halls are so crowded during passing period, the water fountains are so backed up with people because no one dares to use the white fountains that have warm water. Not many people can get refreshed by the only two decent fountains in the school.


Mr. Brito, the woodshop teacher and school photographer, is in charge of the decoration and design of the art hall and is painting types of murals on the walls. He and his teacher assistants are working on the project. Mr. Brito works on the project on his own time when he can and sometimes while he teaches his students in class. He says, “The project is a team effort that will beautify the school and bring pride to every Mustang.”  He has been working on it since January of 2009 and hopes it will be finished before December of 2009.100_0054[1] Brito thinks that every room needs to be properly labeled because it’s hard to find the rooms in the art hall. He is labeling each room depending on which class is held there. For example, by the band room there will be instruments and by art room there will be different types of art. He is also going to put room numbers near each room and also symbols that categorize each section to what they are. Mr. Jensen, the art teacher, says “Mr. Brito’s work will look great when it’s finished.” So keep up the good work Mr. Brito!