Student Name: Colton Baltazar

100_0190[1]Favorite color: RED
Least favorite color: NONE
Favorite type of food: CHINESE
Worst type of food to you: SCHOOL
Favorite dish: CHICKEN
Worst dish to you: CORN DOGS
Favorite TV show: DIRTY JOBS
Worst show to you: GIRLS NEXT DOOR
Favorite type of movie: COMEDY
Worst type of movie to you: HORROR
Favorite movie: NONE
Worst movie to you: ANY HORROR MOVIE
Favorite female celebrity: ASHLEY TISDALE
Most stupid female celebrity: PARIS HILTON
Favorite male celebrity: JONNY DEPP
Most stupid male celebrity to you: TOM CRUISE
Favorite type of music: ANY THING BUT RAP
Favorite artist: NONE
Favorite song: NONE
About how many friends do you have?                              11
About how many real/true friends do you have?               11
Do you like your friends?                              YES
About how many people do you text in a day on average?     NONE
What’s the most random thing that’s been brought up between you and your friends in conversation?                   LLAMAS

Student Name: Alycia Stewart

100_0189[1]Favorite color: LIME GREEN
Least favorite color: BEIGE
Favorite type of food: ITALLIAN
Worst type of food to you: SCHOOL
Favorite dish: SPAGHETTI
Worst dish to you: CHICKEN NUGGETS
Favorite TV show: GLEE
Worst show to you: REALLITY SHOWS
Favorite type of movie: ROMANTIC
Worst type of movie to you: SCARY
Favorite movie: X-MEN/HARRY POTTER
Worst movie to you: ANY SCARY MOVIE
Favorite female celebrity: TAYLOR SWIFT
Most stupid female celebrity: PARIS HILTON
Favorite male celebrity: JONNY DEPP
Most stupid male celebrity to you: TOM CRUISE
Favorite type of music: COUNTRY
Favorite artist: TAYLOR SWIFT
Favorite song: OUR SONG,  Aritst: TAYLOR SWIFT
About how many friends do you have?                           12
About how many real/true friends do you have?       12
Do you like your friends?            YES
About how many people do you text in a day on average?  NONE (I DONT HAVE A PHONE) 
What’s the most random thing that’s been brought up between you and your friends in conversation? A BANANA NUT MUFFIN TREE STORY

Student of The Month

Three students who do their best at academics and athletics.  these students are senoirs who know the school and know everything that a highshcooler needs to know about being a high schooler. these people try their best at everything they do, they give their highest efforts to the things that matter most. these people should be the role models of every high school student.

Renaissance Program

The Renaissance Program is based on a student’s 100_0186[1]GPA. With all A’s is a 4.0 will receive a letter for a letterman’s jacket. From a 3.5 to a 3.9 is the red card. From a 3.0 to a 3.4 is the silver card. And the black card is either perfect attendance or a raise in a student’s GPA of .5. Everyone will receive an ice cream Sunday party during seventh hour.100_0187[1]This semester’s Sunday date is November 6, 2009. You must receive a pink paper to leave class and to get ice cream.(right: Teresa Garfio eating her delicious ice cream. Up: other students hanging out while eating their.)

“What food?”

Sunflower seeds are food, and if food isn’t allowed in the classroom, then sun flower seeds are not allowed in the classrooms. The school banned food in the classrooms, to keep the mice away. If you’re going to bring food into the class room make sure that you keep it clean, if you spill something, you should clean it up. If you drop something you shouldn’t just leave it to rot there. It’s extremely rude and shouldn’t be tolerated in school. When you bring food in the classroom, mice smell the food, and mice do bite people with food, if they’re that hungry. Teachers think it’s disrespectful. Food needs to be taken away during class. This is only to keep the mice away. When the people bring food into the classroom, have no right to complain and scream about the mice problems. If those people wouldn’t bring the food into the class room and leave a mess, to begin with there would be no problem.

Is it swine flu? Or is it just the regular flu?

Swine influenza has killed more than 100 people 2009 still spreading across the country. The World Health Organization declared a swine flu pandemic, the first time a global flu pandemic had been declared in 41 years. “Swine flu, just like any other flu, is a respiratory infection. It exploits a weakened immune system to attack major organs, especially your lungs.100_0148[2] When it gets into your lungs, it can lead to pneumonia, which can kill you. The flu can also cause secondary infections in your body, any of which can lead to failure of vital organs and death.” “The symptoms of swine flu in people are expected to be similar to the symptoms of regular human seasonal influenza and include fever, lethargy, lack of appetite and coughing. Some people with swine flu also have reported runny nose, sore throat, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.”


“During the week of October 4-10, 2009, influenza activity continued to increase in the United States as reported in FluView. Flu activity is now widespread in 41 states. Nationwide, visits to doctors for influenza-like-illness continued to increase and are now about equal to or higher than what is seen at the peak of many regular flu seasons. In addition, flu-related hospitalizations and deaths are continuing to go up and are above what is expected for this time of year.” 2009 H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu) “2,837 known deaths since the novel virus first emerged in Mexico and the United States earlier this year. Friday the laboratory confirmed cases of the disease have now reached 254,206.” (Swine flu deaths climb) “The number of deaths from swine flu is less than 1000, which is far less than the number of deaths by normal cold flu”


What is photo club?
This is a new club that is allowing student photographers to do what they love and take pictures. In photo club skills and techniques are developed.
Who is photo club?
Mr. Brito is the teacher who is setting up the photo club. Any student can join, but you need your own film camera and Mr. Brito will handle the rest. So join today!
When is photo club?
Photo club is every Wednesday after school. The times are from 3:30pm-whenever (pm). It depends on what ever project is being worked on at the time. Some meetings could be anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.
Why is photo club?
In photo club students will have fundraisers and fieldtrips. They will raise money by showing and entering their pictures in contests.

The Yearbook!!

Working on the yearbook this year is, of coarse, The Yearbook Club! The teacher in charge is Ms. Fulton, room 204. The club is during 7th hour and worth elective credits. There are about 25 students enrolled in the class working on the yearbook. Ms. Fulton says, “I just love this class so much its so much fun!” They have deadlines for when certain pages are due and every deadline consists of about 30 pages. They work extremely hard to meet their deadlines, then the page are sent into “Jostens” to be published. The yearbook cost 45$ until December 18, after Christmas break the price will raise 5$.


Nichole Atwood
Tiffany Bockstahler
Yesenia Gomez
Ellen Haley
Sonia Ibarra
Jordan Krien
Briauna Meyhew
Margarit Narvaez-Morones
Maria Orosco-Martinez
Jessica Rodenberg
Nelda Rodriguez

Melinda Greene
Alicia Harman
Jessica Harned
Erin Hecker
Hallie Montoya
Madison Northrup
Harlie Reyes
Emmanuel Rosales
Wade Schamberger

Jessica Bustillos
Luz Chavez
Kelly Harned
Madison Krien