What Are You Going To Do After High School?

Some people want to go to college, but how are they going to get into college?  First of all finishing High School, most colleges won’t take in students if they didn’t graduate, didn’t have the appropriate credits, or poor grades and participation.  The college that you apply for will look at your permanent record to see what kind of student you are and if you’ll fit well in their school.

  The tuition for MCC for a total cost is $3,869, compared to CSU which is $15,933. There’s no escaping the fact that college prices are rising. According to recently released reports from the College Board, most students and their families can expect to pay, on average, from $172 to $1,096 more than last year for this year’s tuition and fees, depending on the type of college.  At Colorado College, the tuition is $37,278, but Room Allowance, meaning a dorm room would cost about $5,184.  A meals allowance would be about $4,440 on average, and books on average is about $1,054.  Personal and Traveling costs would average out to be $904 for a Colorado citizen, for a non Colorado citizen it would be nearly twice that about $1,744.  All together for a total cost at Colorado College turns out to be $49,700 for a non-CO student, and $48,860 for a Colorado resident.  Tuition is expensive, but even more expensive for out-of-state residents.  So a cheap thing to do is either stay in Colorado, or become a resident of the state before attending that school.

Other schools in Colorado like the School of Mines tuition have tuition about 20,500, and University of Northern Colorado about $247 per semester.

If you are planning to go somewhere such as Harvard University, you must think about transportation expenses, the yearly tuition, yearly and semester course expenses, food, clothing, school supplies, and entertainment.  There are many expenses that need to be worried about but a majority of them can be covered by scholarships.  The scholarships can only cover things like tuition, books and maybe a dorm, but things like food and clothing are out of the question.  So along with college and homework a job needs to be obtained to get the simple things like food and other things. 

There are also factors that determine if you’ll even get into college.  The major factor is the SAT score.  So juniors and seniors hope you did well!  The SAT score depends on the college, somewhere such as Harvard and Yale; it would have to be very high. But at MCC you probably only needed to have passed the SAT with an average score and at least completed high school.  They also look at your permanent record, so if you apply to Harvard and you have a criminal record or very bad grades or something negative, it’s less likely they’ll accept you.


Here are some Things Some People said they wanted to do after High School . . . .

  • Go to a Trade School
  • Travel 🙂
  • MCC
  • Go to CSU
  • Get Married to High School Sweetheart
  • Work Towards College
  • Join the Army
  • Get a Life!
  • Going to College
  • Have the Time of My Life, YA!
  • Getting a job
  • Move To Denver

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