Colorado West Invitational Music Performance Festival

The entire music department, which includes orchestra, choir, and band, are leaving Fort Morgan to go to Grand Junction where they will perform and be judged by professionals.  And just have an awesome time. 

They will head out on Thursday, April 15 at 11am and arrive around approximately 3pm in Glenwood Springs.  They will check in at the hotel and have fun in the recreational section of the hotel until about 6:30 then have dinner, after dinner its lights out.  Day two of the trip they will eat breakfast at the hotel then leave for Grand Junction.  As soon as they arrive the Concert Band will perform for a possibility of five points but hopefully less. The scale starts with 1 point meaning Superior, 2 points meaning Excellent, 3 points meaning Good, 4 meaning Fair, and 5 meaning Undeveloped.

After the first concert everyone will eat a fast-food lunch, and then the next performance which would be The Morgan High Singers!  Following The Morgan High Singers is The Symphonic Orchestra.  The musicians will then take a trip around town and visit some of Colorado’s National Monuments.  Followed by a Dinner in Grand Junction, and then of course “lights out!”

On the Third day of this round trip, the students will have a Continental Breakfast, and check out of the hotel.  The Jazz Band will perform, which will be the last of the Music Groups to perform.  And then every one will leave Grand Junction and head for Fort Morgan.

The estimate amount each student will pay is about $118.50, but the overall trip costs more than $7834.50.

“I’m really looking forward to this trip although I’m going to miss two days, but it’ll be really fun.”  —Tyler Norton

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