Ceramics . . .

This class is a fine arts class and is taught by Mr. Travis Jensen and he bases all his grades with effort and participation is a big part of the grade but mostly effort (and grades with his computer). The only thing he says about what the overall class is like is “stuff made with clay.” The only home work is research if not any. It’s just mostly drawing the way you want your figure to look. So basically just having it your materials for the next day. They are not required to take notes in class but they’re welcome too.

                They do many project many (all) of them deal with clay but there is a variety of things made. Depending on how big, difficult or thought is put into the project is how much time they may have. So as soon as they get to class and Mr. Jensen takes attendance the students get their clumps of clay and any materials they might need. They craft with their clay all hour until five to ten minutes before the bell rings. They put all their clay away and clean up. They put what they did in plastic bags so they won’t dry out.

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